Monster Plinko Board with 6-inch Chips 84″ x 110″


Monster Plinko Board for over-the-top events and remember, every PromoQuip Plinko Board includes a Lifetime Random Results Guarantee!

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MONSTER Plinko Game Boards are now known as one of the top promotional tools on the market today. The mother of all Plinko Boards, our Monster Board announces your presence to the world in an unforgettable display of magnificently colorful artwork custom designed for your business.

Each MONSTER Plinko Board Game includes high quality, low resistance Plinko Board facing that allows your customer’s Plinko Chip (also known as a “Plinko Puck”) to drop through a ladder like series of fixed, randomizing points that assure a random result with each and every Plinko Game Board event.

Now available with custom color frames.

Your new MONSTER Plinko Game Board is perfectly suited for large scale:

  • Fundraising Events
  • Store Openings
  • TV Show Contests
  • Radio Remote Promotions
  • Casino Events
  • Bingo Hall Promotions
  • Carnival Game Additions
  • Raise Money for your School

Remember, your Plinko based marketing and promotional opportunities are nearly endless! Consider the following:

Each Plinko Game Board is designed to operate randomly and effectively, with the entire Plinko board game face covered with an overlay of custom graphics that use high grade 3M materials, melded with clear, heavy duty protective overlay and long lasting Ultra Violet protectant to help avoid fading after years of repeat uses. Your MONSTER Plinko Board Game is thus perfectly suited to be moved to various locations, then repurposed for multiple events, year in and year out, with top quality construction that guarantees flawless use!  Remember, every PromoQuip Plinko Board includes a Lifetime Random Results Guarantee!

MONSTER Plinko Game Board Features:

  • Solid, light weight anodized aluminum frame prevents warping and looks great
  • Double mounted pins for extra “PLINK” with protective nylon tips
  • 11, 7-inch slots
  • 6, 6-inch Plinko chips with your branding on both sides
  • Custom full-color graphic on entire face
  • Full Two (2) year Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Size is 84″ x 110″
  • Custom Sizes Available, Made to Order
  • Lifetime Random Results Guaranteed

MONSTER Plinko Game Boards offer you an excellent investment opportunity that will extend your brand presence, increase your sales and create exciting and nearly endless interactions with new and existing customers alike.

Attract new customers. Improve brand awareness. Sell more products and increase net profits. Raise money for your favorite charity or cause!

Additional features:

Manufacturer: PromoQuip, Inc.
Color: custom graphics
Item depth: Inches
Dimensions: 84″W x 110″H x 4″D
Weight: 225 lbs.
Materials: MDO 5 ply substrate, Anodized aluminum frame, steel pins, vinyl graphics


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