Collapsible Mini Cash-n-ator®


Modular Mini Cash-n-ator Ping Pong Blowing Booths breaks down into 4 pieces for easy transportation and is perfect for prize drawings, and bingo style promotions.


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The New Modular Mini Cash-n-ator ping pong booth breaks down for easy transport and shipping.

This is the most convenient table top ping pong blowing booth ever. The top enclosure Breaks down into 3 sections to make moving and shipping much easier. the four clear side panels are built in two pieces that each fold in half and the top section is the third piece. To set up the Modular Mini Cash-n-ator ping pong blowing booth, simply insert the bottoms of the folding side panels into the receiver on top of the lower unit and seat them firmly. To finish, align the top section of the ping pong blower with the snap fittings and press down until the top snaps into place.

Inside the lower unit of the Mini Cash-n-ator ping pong blower is a powerful fan that makes your ping pong balls jump with excitement. The rugged lower unit is modeled after a durable shipping case to protect the ping pong blowing fan and to withstand accidental drops and abuse.

Made with your custom art and emblazoned with your branding, the Mini Cash-n-ator ping pong blower brings an in-your-face approach to your marketing presentation. Wow crowds and create new levels of excitement with our table top ping pong blowing booth.



  • Reach-in port
  • 100 ping pong balls
  • Satin anodized aluminum frame
  • Poly-carbonate panels
  • Graphics on bottom case – 4 sides
  • Custom powder coating on frame



  • Power: 120 volt.
  • Chassis: Double angle aluminum edges and steel ball corner. Wood laminate body.
  • Ping pong enclosure: High quality anodized aluminum extrusion and acrylic.
  • Fan: 750 CFM
  • Weight: 60 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 46″ x 21″ x 21″



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