Countdown Shut Off Timer Digital Display Clock


Countdown Shut Off Timer Clock with Digital Display Helps you keep precise measurements.


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Countdown Shut Off Timer Digital Display Clock. Counts down and shuts off equipment when it gets to zero.

This convenient countdown shut off digital display timer keeps track of elapsed time AND, when it gets to zero, it turns off whatever appliance is plugged into it. So you and everyone watching know exactly how long your machine has run.

The Digital Display Countdown Shutoff Timer Clock eliminates worrying about the results of a test, or competition by leveling the playing field for all involved.

We build the Countdown Shutoff timer with Digital Display Clock into our Cash-n-ator money blowing booths so everyone gets a fair advantage.
The Countdown Shutoff timer Clock comes with a handy remote control made specifically for the timer. The dazzling red characters are easy to see up to 100′ away.

Easy to use: just plug the male side of the piggyback cord into a power supply like an outlet or extension cord and plug the appliance you need to control into the female side. When you start the timer, the appliance starts and when the timer gets to zero it turns off the appliance.

A convenient threaded mounting hole comes in each end of the Countdown Timer.

Features and Specifications:

Power: 120 volt/12 volt transformer.
Amps: 17.
Dimensions: 11.5″ x 6.25″ x 1.5″.
Cord length: 6 ft.
Character: 4″
 Maximum duration: 99 seconds.
Remote control: yes.
    Weight; 3 pounds.

Final assembly, inspection and testing done in our plant in Lakeview Michigan. The Countdown Shut Off Timer with Digital Display Clock is available and ready to ship.


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