Mini Prize Wheel 16″


The mini prize and carnival wheel of fortune by PromoQuip, Inc. Order today at 866-274-2442


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Built with our usual tough construction and attractive components, the new mini prize wheel is perfect for desktop applications or anywhere else that room is at a premium. Now you can have a powerful physical connection with your clients that goes beyond the typical pens and T-shirts.

We’ll put your logo on the face of the wheel. Bought in quantity at a reduced price, the mini prize wheel is an ideal leave-behind for your sales force. Treat your customers to an exciting and useful item while you gain exposure with your branding on their wheel.

Or by mini prize wheels in quantity for your own chain of stores, banks, restaurants and bars, etc.

Quality Statement:

“We do not skimp on money wheel materials. We do not use fiber board as it does not hold fasteners well without chipping and cracking. We use an exterior sign grade wood laminate that is much tougher and damage resistant. We manufacture special pins for the wheels of fortune (and our plinko boards) that look sleek and unique. We don’t just throw a screw in the hole. The prize wheel pins are double mounted for a brighter sound and easier replacement should he need ever arise. The prize wheel’s indicator is made of a solid piece of machine-able plastic material guaranteed to last for as long as you own your wheel of fortune. The hard plastic is mounted on a polyurethane strap that keeps it’s flexibility for years. The bearing is hidden using a double mounting process so that it cannot become separated from the wheel unless you want it to and it is guaranteed for as long as you own your prize wheel. The stand is attractive, anodized aluminum for lots of strength and little weight. PromoQuip’s prize wheels are built to last a very long time and look great doing it. You pay more but you get more than your money’s worth.”

Made with:

  • Solid steel powder coated stand
  • Exterior sign grade laminate substrate
  • Industrial bearing
  • Durable polyurethane clapper mount
  • 24 pins for a bright, energetic sound
  • Replaceable steel pins with rubber caps
  • Full color, digitally printed face graphic


See below for ordering or call PromoQuip at 866-2742442.


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