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Using 3 tiers of exciting fun instead of just one, the Triplex Prize wheel helps you create a powerful impression in your market. The Triplex Wheel of Fortune has 3 layers of dazzling graphics and pins that each spin independently of each other. Let a contestant choose 1, 2, or 3 wheels to spin and win. Make combinations by spinning 2 of the wheels or all 3. Either way, it all adds up to a huge, lasting impression for your brand.

Made from super high quality APC, each Triplez Prize Wheel is printed in brilliant, full color art to your custom specification. Lightweight, but very rigid and durable, the APC wheels spin true for years on a heavy-duty bearing that is guaranteed as long as you own your Triplex Prize Wheel.

The Triplex Prize Wheel floor stand is made of tough steel tubing built by our professional team of fabricators and welders and powder coated the color of your choice. The stand folds to make transport so much easier.

Triplex Prize Wheels comes with a stationary, stand-off logo that attaches to the front of the center shaft and pops off for safe transit.

1, 48″ background. 1, 42″ spinng wheel, 1, 34″ spinng wheel. 1, 24″ spinng wheel. 1 Stationary logo.
Substrate: 1/4″ thick Aluminum Plastic Composite (APC).
Color: custom.
Height: Approx. 6′ to top of main wheel.
Bearings: 3/4″ bore HVAC, 4 – bolt flange. Dynamic load rating 2876 pounds.
Stand material: 1.25″ square steel pole with .125″ walls. 1.5″ square steel base with 14 guage walls. 3 adustable leveling feet.
Stand color: custom.

Call today to order your custom Triplex Prize Wheel only by PromoQuip at 866-538-3152.


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